UT+ 10-40KVA



UT+ is applied to the same technology as UTX+ but without internal modularity capability. It can easily adapt to all kinds of diverse and complicated loads, such as the non-linear systems (IT systems), strongly inductive or capacitive loads, discharge lamps, and induction motors. To meet diverse applications, it is allowed to have alternative battery configuration based on different backup time requirement. This unit can be set up in parallel-redundant systems with up to 4 units.

Main Features

  • Online double conversion technology
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • DSP-controlled Technology
  • Unity Input Power Factor with Low Input Current Distortion
  • High Efficiency 95% Online Mode
  • Touch-screen LCD display for user's friendly operation
  • Small Footprint (Compact Design)
  • Invest as You Grow (Parallel Capability)
  • Front Access Maintenance
  • Easy for power expansion and backup time expansion.
  • Common Battery
  • Monitoring System for Battery (Optional)
  • Smart charging management system
  • Variety of communication protocol supported
  • Superior MTBF (Meantime before failure) and MTTR (Meantime to Repair)
  • ECO-Friendly over 65% materials recyclable

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